Learning and Teaching

Your teachers at Hawthorn-Melbourne are experienced and passionate about teaching English. All of our teachers will help you develop your English language skills in a way that suits your individual learning style.

You can also access English study support with self-study in the Independent Learning Centre (ILC).


Experienced teachers

All Hawthorn-Melbourne English teachers have degrees and internationally recognised TESOL qualifications.

Courses usually have two class teachers. This is so you can experience a variety of teaching styles and differences in English language use. Your teachers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.


Independent Learning Centre (ILC)

Each day you will have 4 scheduled hours of class time. You will also have access to the Independent Learning Centre (ILC). 

The ILC provides opportunity to develop the language skills you learn in the classroom. Your teacher will discuss the skills you need to practise with you. 

There are many activities you can do in the ILC, including:

  • conversation, pronunciation and grammar workshops
  • revising course modules using grammar aids, vocabulary and spelling enhancers, pronunciation clarification, reading and writing guides, and listening practice resources
  • watching English movies with (or without) English subtitles 
  • online study and e-learning using English learning websites – the ILC Coordinator can help you find the best resources.



Each course has assessment tasks that will help you track your progress. You will have mid course tests and end of course tests, as well as other assessments throughout the course.

At the start of your course, your teacher will explain the assessment tasks you will need to do. Your assessment tasks will cover the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

If you are taking General English, English for Business or the English for High School program, you will receive feedback on your performance throughout the course and a progress report in your final week.

If you are taking Academic English or the IELTS Preparation course, you will receive a report of your results at the end of your course.



Hawthorn Melbourne has developed its own Moodle site, which means that students can access study materials online during and outside class time.

In class, teachers use this material as well as physical resources to make your class as engaging as possible. Outside class, students can review material from their lesson and also have access to an extensive range of self-study activities to help them address any areas of need.

Free WiFi is available in classrooms and throughout the campus.



Excursions are a great way to practise your English skills in real life situations. At Hawthorn-Melbourne, most classes will have one class excursion every 5 weeks.

Your teacher might take you to visit galleries, famous beaches, animal sanctuaries and beautiful areas of interest. Before and after each excursion you will do special activities that link your experiences with the English skills you are developing in class.

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