Health Insurance


If you are an international student travelling on a student visa to Australia, you must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your visa in Australia. This will help you pay if you need to visit the doctor or go to the hospital.


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

When you come to Australia from overseas to study, you must have OSHC. This includes cover for visits to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance services and some medicines. If you bring any dependants (for example, your spouse or children under 18 years old) they must also have OSHC.

OSHC is only available for student visa holders. You must show you have arranged OSHC at the time of your student visa application.

There are many different insurance companies who provide OSHC products. You can find more information, including a list of companies who provide OSHC and their average costs, on the Department of Health website.

Your OSHC policy must last for the duration of your stay in Australia. For more information about OSHC, see the Department of Home Affairs website.

We can help

Hawthorn-Melbourne can organise your OSHC for you through Allianz Care. The policy is comprehensive and designed for international students.

Some of the benefits of Allianz Care OSHC are:

  • online accounts: you can check your policy, update your details and claim online
  • OSHC app
  • direct billing and easy claiming
  • customer service centres

If you would like us to organise your health insurance, please complete the Overseas Student Health Cover section in your Application Form. We will include the OSHC cover period when we issue your eCoE for your visa application.

For more information about what is included in the policy and how much it costs, see the Allianz Care OSHC website. You can also read the policy document.