Student Support

When you study at Hawthorn-Melbourne, you can take advantage of our student support services. We have advice and counselling services, pastoral care and online learning resources to make sure you are doing well inside and outside the school environment.

Hawthorn-Melbourne has prayer rooms, a library and independent learning centre, student lounges, computers for you to use and free WiFi.

These student support services are designed to make your studies at Hawthorn-Melbourne as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.


Registration day

The first time you attend school will be your registration day. This is usually held the Thursday before your class is due to begin.

Registration is at 9.00am.

On registration day you will:

  • Complete some paperwork to finalise your enrolment. We will ask you to tell us your contact details in Australia and your visa information. 
  • Have your photo taken for your student card. Your student card will give you access to computer labs, the gym and the library. 
  • Have an interview with a teacher.
  • Take an English level test – this is to ensure we place you in the best class for your ability - please bring a pen!

On registration day we will give you all the information you need to settle into study at Hawthorn-Melbourne and adjust to life in Melbourne, Australia.


Health and welfare

We provide a range of services to support students, including:

  • free, confidential, on-campus counseling and support service.
  • targeted mindfulness, stress reduction and healthy lifestyle seminars.
  • on campus assistance with health insurance claims.
  • first aid and assistance with health referrals.


24 hour emergency helpline

If you need help, you can contact Hawthorn-Melbourne at any time on our 24 hour emergency helpline for students. Just call 1800 NAVITAS (1800 6284827).


Further studies advice

If you intend to study at university, high school or college in Australia following your English studies at Hawthorn-Melbourne, the Further Studies Advisor is available to meet with you to discuss your progress and provide advice.

In addition to individual counselling, the Further Studies Advisor organises regular expos and visits to Hawthorn campus by tertiary institutions, especially those who are in high demand by Hawthorn students.

You can access the further studies resource area in the library at any time. There are brochures and handbooks from a range of institutions and a series of handouts on topics relevant to further studies in Australia.


Visa information

To study in Australia you need to apply for a student visa from the Australian Government. You can find out more about this on the government’s Study in Australia website.

Your spouse and children under 18 years of age may be eligible for a dependent student visa. This visa allows them to stay in Australia for the duration of your course. Your children may need to be accepted into a school before they are granted a visa.

For up-to-date information and to find out whether you are eligible to study in Australia, visit the Department of Home Affairs website.


Your teachers

All of our teachers are experienced and qualified English language teachers. They are degree and TESOL qualified.

They are focused on helping you reach your goals. And we ensure they stay up to date with the latest teaching techniques, through an ongoing professional development program.


Social activities

The social activity program at Hawthorn-Melbourne is known as SCOPE: Sport, Culture, Outdoor Programs and Excursions.

Through the SCOPE program, you can take part in a range of social activities, which enables you to make new friends and gain the confidence needed to succeed in their English language learning.

The SCOPE co-ordinator is available every day and organises regular:

  • sporting competitions
  • weekend excursions and activities 
  • curriculum based course excursion with your class and teacher
  • course break overnight trips

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