General English

Key Information

Course Duration

1 - 70 weeks

Start any Monday

Hours per week

20 hours of face-to-face classroom teaching per week 


Monday to Friday

  • Morning Timetable
    8.20am to 12.40pm
  • Evening Timetable 
    5.10pm to 9.30pm 

Timetables are subject to change during peak periods.

Entry Level:

Beginner to Advanced

                                                                                                                                    CRICOS Course Code : 112461F

General English

If you want to improve your real-life English skills, a General English course at Hawthorn-Melbourne is the perfect step.

Our General English courses help you develop language skills for everyday situations. You can develop these skills beyond the classroom by joining after class and weekend social activities.

Courses are built around the four core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as focusing on key grammar structures and vocabulary The course will:

  • build your fluency and accuracy in spoken English
  • improve your pronunciation
  • expand your vocabulary
  • help you understand native and non-native English speakers
  • help you develop the skills and confidence to use English outside the classroom.
  • develop your writing skills for a range of practical situations
  • improve your reading skills in different contexts

We offer General English programs for students of all English abilities.

Your English will be assessed prior to you commencing your course to determine your needs, in line with your long-term goals individual study pathway. You will then be placed into a level that is suitable for you.

Your learning outcomes

Our General English course is the perfect option for those wishing to use English for socialising, work, travel or to improve their future opportunities.

General English can also help you prepare you for further study such as IELTS Preparation and Academic English courses.


Read and understand simple texts, including written instructions


Write about people and places, likes and dislikes, and your future plans


Understand simple spoken texts, including following spoken instructions


Speak about yourself and others, the past and future, and give instructions

Lesson plan

Take notes from a recorded text about different jobs and fill in the blanks

Speaking and note-taking
Discuss similarities and differences between jobs in other countries

Reading and vocabulary
working in the outback in Australia; closed reading using new work vocabulary

Create professional profiles for different professions

write your CV

Reading and speaking
Read and answer questions about job advertisements

Modal auxiliary verbs

Listen to a a professional talking about their job, answer the questions

Vocabulary and speaking
Fill in the blanks with new work vocabulary; complete a questionnaire about jobs and discuss in pairs


Reading and speaking
Read an article about a movie star and discuss in pairs

Listen to an interview with a band member

Speaking and listening
Listen to a job interview; act out role plays and interview other students

Look for a job advertisement in the computer room and write a letter of application


Speaking and listening
‘At the doctor’s’ listening comprehension, discuss in pairs; talk about symptoms and illnesses

Grammar and vocabulary
Present perfect and health vocabulary activity

Write about your experiences in Australia using the present perfect

Reading and speaking
Read and discuss a health article in pairs; complete a quiz and discuss; revise health vocabulary

Listen to a conversation between a patient and a doctor

‘At the doctor’s’ role play

‘How to eat less’ reading comprehension, discuss the answers in pairs

Listening and speaking
Watch a video of people describing their lifestyles and how they keep fit, discuss in pairs


Each level has assessment tasks that will help you track your progress. You will have mid-course tests and end of course tests, as well as other assessments throughout the course.

At the start of your course, your teacher will explain the assessment tasks you will need to do. Your assessment tasks will cover the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

You will receive feedback on your performance throughout the course and a progress report in your final week.

Entry level

Beginner to Advanced