University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Programs

Key Information

Course duration

Each course is 10 weeks

Hours per week

Each course provides 20 hours of face-to-face classroom teaching per week, plus 5 hours per week of self-study, workshops and independent research time throughout the program.


Monday to Friday
8.20am to 12.40pm or
12.45pm to 5.05pm

Timetables are subject to change. an evening timetable may run in peak periods. 

Entry Requirements

IELTS, TOEFL iBTor PTE-Academic result is required for entry.

Check the entry requirements for your faculty here.

University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program (UMELBP): 063648E
University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program Preparation (UMELBP Prep): 0101910

Your English language pathway to the University of Melbourne

Do you need to develop your English language and study skills before beginning a course at the University of Melbourne?

The University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program (UMELBP) is a 10-week course that provides a direct entry English language pathway from Hawthorn-Melbourne to undergraduate and specific graduate courses at the University of Melbourne.

If your English level is slightly lower, you will start your pathway in the University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program Preparation (UMELBP Prep) before moving into the UMELBP.

Check the entry requirements for which option is applicable for you.

During your studies you will participate in group work to develop skills needed for exams, research assignments and presentations. Through participation in workshops, use of online and mobile technology and other resources, you are trained to become an effective and independent learner.

In addition to the four key skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), you will also be taught academic skills relevant to the contemporary university student.

Over the duration of the program, you will learn to:

  • identify key concepts in texts
  • take effective notes
  • develop skills in writing process: planning, drafting, editing and finalising
  • write for research and essays
  • use references, citations and reference lists.
  • present & participate in seminars and discussions

The University of Melbourne has endorsed Hawthorn-Melbourne as the sole external provider of the UMELBP.

Key benefits

Enhanced understanding of the expectations of higher education students in Australia, with specific focus on the University of Melbourne

Development of the academic skills and critical thinking techniques you need to succeed at University

Improved proficiency across the four key language skill areas, speaking, listening, reading and writing to become an active and confident participant in all areas of your University degree

Visa packaging: apply for a one visa covering English and University courses

Course Details

Your learning outcomes

  • Identify and describe information in listening and note-taking exercises
  • Plan, research and explain content for use in seminars and interactive discussions to develop speaking skills
  • Learn to annotate, paraphrase, summarise, organise and reference information from a range of sources
  • Read and analyse a range of academic reading materials
  • Develop writing skills and use appropriate academic conventions in two essay genres
  • Learn to navigate a Learning Management System for the purposes of course work, class work and assessment


Assessments in UMELBP Prep are shorter and more numerous than those undertaken in UMELBP. This reduces the weight of each assessment and allows students to demonstrate their grasp of the fundamentals of academic study.

  • mid-course exam
  • research assignment
  • two genre-based essays
  • collaborative speaking task
  • end of course exam
  • presentation seminar

Successful completion of UMELBP Prep, will allow you to progress to the UMELBP. 

Successful completion requires:

  1. an aggregate score of at least 60%
  2. an overall pass of 55% for each combined assessment component (written interaction, spoken interaction, receptive skills, learning skills)
  3. to maintain an attendance rate of no less than 80%

Your learning outcomes

  • Identify and analyse information through listening and note taking exercises
  • Plan, research, and develop material to improve your seminar presentation skills
  • Learn to summarise, paraphrase, organise, self-edit, and correctly reference information from a range of sources
  • Read and analyse a range of authentic reading materials


Assessments in UMELBP are longer and more demanding than those in UMELBP Prep. They are designed to more closely mirror assessment tasks at university level.

  • mid-course exam
  • research assignment
  • end of course exam
  • presentation seminar

Successful completion of UMELBP, will allow you to progress to your University of Melbourne course. 


Download a step-by-step guide for the application process here: How to apply (pdf)

If you need help with your application, you can also contact an Education Agent for advice and assistance. To find an authorised agent near you, visit:

UMELBP-Prep is offered twice a year, starting in February and August, UMELBP is offered 4 times a year, with courses starting in February, May, July and November.

For full course dates see:

You need to allow enough time to complete the application process and apply for your student visa in time to travel for the start of the program. You may not be able to enter the UMELBP-Prep or UMELBP course if you arrive late.

We recommend that you use the services of an approved, University of Melbourne Overseas Representative to assist with the processing of your packaged offer. These education agents can assist you when applying for your Visa and this may result in a faster processing time.  Please see the following link for approved representatives: