Independent Accommodation


If you decide not to stay in homestay accommodation, there are some alternatives you may like to consider. 

Please note that Hawthorn-Melbourne staff cannot organise shared accommodation for you before or after arrival. We do not interview people who offer or advertise shared accommodation.  The advice below is general advice to help you if you want to find your own independent accommodation in Melbourne.


Temporary accommodation on arrival

If you have not had time to book long-term accommodation, or you are not sure what sort of accommodation you prefer, we can help with temporary accommodation options when you arrive in Melbourne.

Students often stay in temporary accommodation for a week or two. This is a great way to settle in while you decide on an accommodation option that will suit you for your stay in Melbourne.    

If you need some temporary accommodation urgently, you may like to contact: 

Space Hotel
Address: 380 Russell Street, Melbourne
T: +61 3 9662 3888

Share accommodation

In shared (or share-house) accommodation you live in an Australian home but you are more independent. You pay rent each week for your room. You also pay a share of the bills (gas, electricity and internet), buy your own food and do your own cooking.

You can expect to pay $150 to $160 per week for an average single room in shared accommodation.

Sometimes bills are included in the rent but most often, they are not. Student Services has a noticeboard displaying advertisements for shared accommodation which you can independently visit and decide on.

If you rent a room in a house from another tenant, make sure you have an agreement in writing with that tenant. Don’t pay any money until you have read and signed a written agreement.

When you’re looking for shared accommodation, think about:

  • Where do you want to live? (e.g. close to school, beach or work)
  • Who do you want to live with? (e.g. other students, Australian people, international people)
  • How much do you want to pay per week?

When visiting properties, take a friend with you if you can, and tell your friends or family where you are going. 

How to find shared accommodation

Try these websites for shared accommodation:

Renting in Melbourne

On arrival at Hawthorn-Melbourne, Student Services staff can provide information about renting a house or apartment.

You should only consider renting a property in Melbourne if you are staying for longer than 6 months. This is because you will need to sign a lease for 6 or 12 months.

Rental properties are usually unfurnished. You will need to connect the gas, electricity, internet and telephone – there are connection fees to do this.

How to find a rental

The best places to find a rental property are: 

Real estate agents advertise on these websites. 

Applying for a rental

When you apply for a rental property you will usually need to give some information to the real estate agent or landlord. This may include:

  • pay slips/evidence of income
  • identification (passport or driver licence)
  • references.

If your application for a rental property is approved, you will need to pay bond (a deposit) and rent when you move in. You will pay all service bills (gas, electricity and internet) and will be responsible for any damage to the property.

Your rights and obligations

If you rent a property or a room, you are a tenant and you have rights and obligations. This is why it is important to complete the correct paperwork (e.g. sign a lease or written agreement).

For more information on renting in Victoria, please visit

Student Accommodation

Some students prefer the community atmosphere and facilities associated with student hostels and student apartments in larger complexes. Whilst being slightly more expensive than share accommodation, some hostels provide a private bathroom and are close to the Hawthorn-Melbourne campus. 

Please see a list of options here and contact them directly if you would like to book a room.

Note that the accommodations listed are independent, private businesses and are not owned or operated by Hawthorn-Melbourne.