Student Stories

Student Stories

Yiding Li

Course:  UMELBP
Country: China 

Hawthorn’s class made me feel warm! I really miss the time in Hawthorn. The teachers are really nice and explained all things patiently. The UMELBP course is really helpful. It taught me many helpful skills and I met a lot of new friends.



Course: UMELBP
Country:  Thailand

I am a Master of Software Engineering student. Throughout my life, I always have focused on the accuracy of mathematics and science, so sometimes I feel I lack linguistic abilities.

Studying the UMELBP at Hawthorn-Melbourne offered me the opportunity to learn academic English with professional teachers in the university culture. That is to say, I obtained hands-on experience of researching, critical thinking, writing, presentation, and communication skills.

I believe that confidence in English is one of the foundations to achieve an academic goal for International students. Now I can say that I definitely have the guts to face the real challenges at the university.


Course: UMELBP
Country: Indonesia

UMELBP is a very valuable program. The materials are very useful which I believe will be a huge advantage for me in pursuing my study at the University. And the teaching process was very fun! I had the best teacher, they really took care of us.


Course : UMELBP
Country : China

Many students are worried about their poor grammar or accent, but our teacher told us that only by speaking out boldly can she be aware of our problems and help us correct our mistakes. It is great advice, my teacher was very kind and always patiently answers our questions.

Mohammed A Fahad

Course : UMELBP                                Country : Saudi Arabia

The things that help me and my studies here are the tools and the staff. The curriculum here is fantastic, it's improved my writing skills as well as speaking skills, it’s improved my negotiation in class and outside of school. Being an international student in Melbourne is quite interesting, I like it very much because people are nice here and we can – we do not feel that we are outside our country, honestly! Staff are very supportive and helpful as well.

Hidde Scholten

Course : General English 

Country: Netherlands

I am very happy with my choice to study English at Hawthorn-Melbourne. The courses are very interesting as we explore various topics through project and group work. My teachers are very good and there is a fantastic mix of nationalities in class. I also love the city of Melbourne; there is so much to do and I am very impressed with the public transport system, particularly the trains. People in Melbourne are very friendly and sociable.
I would definitely recommend coming to Hawthorn-Melbourne to study!

Mao Yufei

Course : English for High School       

Country : China

I know learning English is necessary for my future and after just five weeks of study, I have already learned lots of things. My pronunciation, listening, reading skills are improving further. I love studying at Hawthorn-Melbourne, I feel so happy when I am at school and I believe I will make many good memories here.

Juliana Zuluaga

Course : English for Business       

Country : Colombia

I spent 9 months at Hawthorn-Melbourne, studying 20 weeks of General English followed by 10 weeks of English for Business. The teachers have very clear topics to teach in the best way. I really enjoyed it because
the classes were very dynamic. In the English for Business class I learned a lot about how to behave in business situations. In this course it feels like you are in a real business environment.

Nam (Emily) Myounga

Course : UMELBP   

Country : Korea

Taking the UMELBP at Hawthorn-Melbourne has greatly prepared me for further study. I am now confident to face challenges at the University of Melbourne. This can be credited to the excellent and professional teachers as well as the high quality program which caters to various academic needs of each student.

Also, Hawthorn-Melbourne is rich in educational resources and services which are accessible to everyone. Therefore, I strongly recommend Hawthorn-Melbourne to international students who want to be successful not only in the University of Melbourne but also in their future chosen careers.

Rie Yoshi

Course : General English   

Country : Japan

I spent 6 months studying English at Hawthorn-Melbourne. The General English program was great for improving my grammar and vocabulary and the teachers were very supportive. I made so many new friends from all over the world as well.

Anna Fonseca

Course : English for Business   

Country : Brazil

Even though I’ve been at Hawthorn-Melbourne for just four weeks now, I feel that the English for Business program has already taught me many valuable things. This program is strong and focuses on those who not only wish to improve their English, but also want to learn specific vocabulary, presentation skills and discuss general business topics. I’ve been enjoying it very much!

Sara Savorani

Course : English for Business 

Country : Italy

I have always wanted to apply for a Working Holiday Visa and spend a whole year in my beloved Down Under. Yet, I am not like the great majority of my peers going abroad for a gap year, travelling and working and then returning back. I wanted more.

I want to improve my English and find a suitable course to pursue my studies and find my career overseas. So far, opting to study at Hawthorn-Melbourne has been one of the greatest choices I have made. The environment, the teachers and the classmates are just pure energy and knowledge. I have made new friends from all over the world and discovered day by day similarities and differences: Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Spain… all these countries in one classroom. Everyday I learn something new. The lessons are challenging and the topics we face are about everyday life, habits and realities that we share.

I am enjoying every single moment spent in Hawthorn.


Vivien Wang

Course : UMELBP 

Country : China

Before coming to Australia, I was a teacher teaching children English in a language training school. I am going to start the course of Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne thanks to the help from my teachers in Hawthorn-Melbourne, the help from my classmates who are now my good friends, and thanks to my own hard work too. 

I can still remember vividly how happy I was the moment I received the offer from Melbourne University and how frustrated I became the next minute when I found it was a conditional offer which required me to complete a ten-week bridging program first. I felt very embarrassed, because I was an English teacher and I thought I should be the last one who is supposed to do this English Language Bridging Program.

However, after two months studying in Hawthorn-Melbourne and living in Melbourne, I started to realize how lucky I was to have this chance studying here. The progress I made in my language skills and the friendship I founded with teachers and classmates are those that cannot be measured in dollars. I learnt not only language, but teaching and the differences, especially the differences of education between Australia and China as well. This ten-week Language Bridging Program is totally worth it. 

Liu (Cynthia) Xiaoyang

Course: UMELBP Country: China

I’m going to do a Masters in Teaching at the University of Melbourne. I think the most helpful skill I’ve learnt in the UMELBP is academic writing.

I completed my undergraduate degree in China, where the academic writing style is quite different from here. So I’ve learnt appropriate academic and writing styles for here. For example how to cite and quote, it will be helpful for my course at Melbourne Uni.