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Accommodation & Airport Transfers

Hawthorn-Melbourne does not have on-campus accommodation. Most students choose to live in a homestay, or in shared accommodation. The Accommodation Office can arrange homestay accommodation for students or temporary accommodation

It is unlikely that the homestay host will be able to accommodate both the student and other members of the family or guests. The Accommodation Office is happy to recommend a suitable hotel or Bed & Breakfast nearby for family members, they will need to make their own booking arrangements. 

Most hosts have students with them all year round. The host can only inform the Accommodation Office that there is a vacancy when their current student gives notice that they will be leaving. Staff in the Accommodation Office usually only know which homestays are available one or two weeks before each student intake. In most cases, it is difficult to provide homestay details much earlier than that.

The Accommodation Office needs the flight details in order to organise airport pick up and confirm arrival dates with the host.

Our homestay homes are spread throughout Hawthorn and the nearby suburbs. Students usually need to travel a short distance to school on public transport. The campus is well serviced by public transport (train, tram and bus).

Homestays are generally no more than 50 minutes travel time from school with the average being 35 minutes.

There is really no such thing as a 'typical' Australian family’ or even a 'typical' homestay host. Australians include people from all over the world both recently arrived and here for generations. Homestay hosts reflect Melbourne's diverse community.

A third of hosts are single people. Another third are single parent families. The important thing is that all homestay hosts are English speaking and experienced with international students.

Not all Australian homes have WiFi or an internet connection.  Students can use the internet (WiFi) free of charge at school.

We can arrange for our airport pick-up service Togoto Australia to pick you up at the airport.

Yes, this can be arranged. Please speak with our accommodation staff to make this arrangement when you have confirmed your flight. 

University of Melbourne Pathway Courses

UMELBP is the University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program

The UMELBP is a 10-week English course that develops your English language skills through participation in a range of authentic academic tasks and activities.


UMELBP-Prep is offered twice a year, starting in February and August, UMELBP is offered 4 times a year, with courses starting in February, May, July and November.

For full course dates see

Download a step-by-step guide for the application process here: How to apply (pdf)

If you need help with your application, you can also contact an Education Agent for advice and assistance. To find an authorised agent near you, visit: https://study.unimelb.edu.au/how-to-apply/find-an-overseas-representative

You need to allow enough time to complete the application process and apply for your student visa in time to travel for the start of the program. You may not be able to enter the UMELBP-Prep or UMELBP course if you arrive late.

We recommend that you use the services of an approved, University of Melbourne Overseas Representative to assist with the processing of your packaged offer. These education agents can assist you when applying for your Visa and this may result in a faster processing time.  Please see the following link for approved representatives:  https://study.unimelb.edu.au/how-to-apply/find-an-overseas-representative

There are four assessment tasks throughout the 10-week program. The following flyer outlines the assessment tasks and weightings. You are welcome to share this with your students.

Once a student is enrolled in a course, the Conditions of Enrolment will apply.
In most cases,you will be able to transfer to the Intensive Academic Preparation (IAP) Program

UMELBP-Prep is a new 10-week course that offers you an alternative pathway into the UMELBP.  Successful completion of UMELBP-Prep gives students directly entry to the UMELBP. 

UMELBP Prep and UMELBP are each 10 weeks

The course content of UMELBP and UMELBP-Prep is similar. Both are English for academic purposes preparation courses specifically designed for entry to the University of Melbourne. UMELBP-Prep is a lower level course focused on developing the language skills and academic literacies required for success with the UMELBP.

Fees are available at hawthornenglish.edu.au/fees

An IELTS, TOEFL or PTE result is required for entry. When you pass the UMELBP Prep, you get direct entry to the UMELBP and do not need to take another external test.

Through a variety of communicative task types, student develop active listening, collaboration, negotiation and presentation skills. The courses target essential academic vocabulary, and build academic writing and analytical reading skills which are the keys to success at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Hawthorn provides a UMELBP pathway for students entering University courses requiring an IELTS 7.0. You must have an IELTS 6.5 with no band under 6.0 (or equivalent) to enter this UMELBP pathway. UMELBP-Prep has been developed with assessments benchmarked to IELTS 6.0. As such it is not suitable for students who require an IELTS 7.0 or equivalent to enter the university.

Assessments in UMELBP are longer and more demanding than those in UMELBP-Prep. They are designed to more closely mirror assessment tasks at university level.

Assessments in UMELBP-Prep are shorter and more numerous than those undertaken in UMELBP. This reduces the weight of each assessment and allows students to demonstrate their grasp of the fundamentals of academic study.

Hawthorn-Melbourne teachers and education managers are focussed on giving you the very best chance of successfully completing the course. Students identified at risk of not passing are counselled and given extra support.
If your final results do not meet minimum requirements, you have a range of options:

  • Transfer to the IELTS Preparation course – aim to meet the English requirements of the University by preparing for and taking the IELTS examination.
  • Retake the UMELBP-Prep, deferring entry to the University until the next semester
  • Take an IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson PTE test. Students who meet entry requirements may enter the next UMELBP.

Yes, you will be required to pay a $10,000 deposit and your Visa Length OSHC in order to receive the University COE.

UMELBP and UMELBP Prep are approved and endorsed by the University of Melbourne. The University is involved in the development and quality assurance of these courses, with the curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of students entering the University. Course content reflects University of Melbourne standards, culture and integrity requirements, and the UMELBP is the only recognised English direct entry pathway to the University.

EAP and IAP are high-quality academic English preparation courses designed to meet the needs of universities and colleges in general. They are designed to provide direct entry to our other vocational and higher education partner institutions across Australia. 

No, UMELBP-Prep is not a direct entry program for Trinity College.

Exam preparation courses, such as those covering IELTS and PTE, are focused exclusively on training students to meet the requirements of the test and achieve the target score.

A wider range of language skills and academic literacies are required for success at the University of Melbourne, and to meet the complex and challenging expectations 21st Century students face in higher education.

UMELBP Prep and the UMELBP are customised courses designed to develop the skills and literacies international students need for University study and assessment tasks, frequently over longer time periods and wider scale than can be assessed by IELTS and other English language tests.

UMELBP Prep and the UMELBP develop students' digital literacy, critical literacy, information literacy and cultural literacy, alongside fundamental language proficiencies, helping students face the challenges of 21st Century university education with confidence.

You will need to meet your English requirements with an official test result (IELTS, TOEFL or PTE). We can help you improve your English and prepare for the test and you may still be eligible for a packaged offer for visa applications.

For information, please see: Packaged Offers with the University of Melbourne.

We also offer an Intensive Academic Preparation (IAP) program for students with an unconditional offer for the University. See hawthornenglish.edu.au/IAP for details