Research skills

Academic writing 

Critical thinking

University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program 

Do you need to develop your English language and study skills before beginning a course at the University of Melbourne? The University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program (UMELBP) is a 10 week course that will help you prepare for tertiary study.

The UMELBP is a direct English language pathway from Hawthorn-Melbourne to some courses at the University of Melbourne. It is not available for all courses, and it is not available for research students.

Check if your faculty accepts the UMELBP as an entry point into your course.

In this course, you will participate in authentic academic activities and tasks. You will develop the English language skills you need for:

  • identifying and taking notes on important information in lectures 
  • participating in seminars and tutorials 
  • writing in narrative, argumentative and analytical styles 
  • reading and analysing a range of authentic materials 
  • critiquing written and spoken texts.

The University of Melbourne has endorsed Hawthorn-Melbourne as the sole external provider of the UMELBP.

Your learning outcomes

When you successfully finish this course, you will be able to start your studies at the University of Melbourne without taking the IELTS or other English language tests.

You will have developed the language skills and critical thinking techniques you need to succeed in tertiary education.


Develop comprehension and note-taking skills for academic texts.


Plan, write and edit academic projects and correctly acknowledge sources.


Understand and take notes during lectures and seminars, including online.


Participate confidently in class discussions, presentations and debates.

IELTS 6.0 or above

Entry into the UMELBP is different for each faculty or school at the University of Melbourne.

UMELBP entry requirements 

Lesson plan

In groups report on the progress of your current research

Take notes from an extended text

Writing activity
Practise paraphrasing with exercises

Reading and writing
Read a journal article and begin writing a critical analysis

Complete the critical analysis of the journal article

Fill in the blanks with linking expressions using academic vocabulary

Identify the main points from a spoken text and summarise

In groups brainstorm ideas for the upcoming research assessment task

Computer Assisted Language learning (CALL)
Teacher-guided presentation of major essay outline and draft

complete the outline of your major essay for submission

Classes will be held at the University of Melbourne main campus.

You will participate in activities including:

  • locating and borrowing texts in the library
  • group speaking activity
  • individual consultations.

Take notes from a recorded text

Read a text on a topic related to the listening activity, identify similarities and differences

Writing activity
Practise summarising with exercises

Reading and writing
Read a journal article and write a critical analysis


Research and prepare notes for class debate

Explanation and exercises on transformational grammar

Practise paraphrasing extracts you will be able to use in the assessment task

Reading and listening
Review the format and strategies used in a formal debate

class debate


Research and prepare for the upcoming assessment task

Study English in Melbourne

Take the University of Melbourne English Language Bridging Program (UMELBP) course at Hawthorn-Melbourne English language centre, on the University of Melbourne Hawthorn campus. All our teachers are qualified and experienced, and they will work with you to improve your English and academic skills for further study at the University of Melbourne.

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