Terms & Conditions

All of our professionally produced images are subject to copyright and may only be used in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Images may only be used for the positive promotion of Hawthorn-Melbourne
  • Images may not be used or reproduced for any other purpose
  • Images may not be resized, distorted or amended in any way
  • Hawthorn-Melbourne must be credited as copyright holder or supplier of the images
  • Tourism Australia must be credited for all file names containing ©TourismAustralia
  • You must abide by Tourism Australia terms and conditions of use http://www.images.australia.com/site/terms.me
  • Hawthorn-Melbourne must be supplied a copy of the image for approval prior to publication/use
  • The images must not be assigned or licensed to a third party

Please ensure that a scanned copy of the proposed material is emailed to enquiries@hawthornenglish.vic.edu.au before publication.


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