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IELTS Writing Part time

The writing module is often the most difficult skill for IELTS candidates. This specialist course will focus on tips and advice in improving your results in this module of the IELTS exam. You must have an IELTS writing score of 5.0 to enrol in this program. 

Task 2 is the more complex question in the IELTS exam and you will start your studies by focusing on this question. You will be guided through the principles of paragraph writing and the elements of an essay.  

The second part of the course will look at Task 1.

  • If you are taking the general training module of the IELTS test, you will focus on the different types of letters that you may be asked to writing in the exam. Using appropriate language and formality you will be guided through the written structure of a letter. 
  • If you plan to take the academic module of the IELTS test, you will focus on writing a report using suitable language to describe charts and data. 

As a student in this course, you will be expected to complete assigned homework. 

Your learning outcomes

You will develop a better understand of the writing format of the IELTS Test. 

Test Skills

You will learn how to avoid losing marks and maximise your writing score. 

Task comprehension

Understand the question types commonly found in the IELTS exam and be familiar with requirements of a band 7.0 to 8.0 response. 


Identify the elements of an essay and their purpose (introduction, body and conclusion). Structure a letter or report appropriately. 

Study English in Melbourne

Take the IELTS Writing course at Hawthorn-Melbourne at the University of Melbourne Hawthorn campus. All our teachers are qualified and experienced, and they will work with you to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your IELTS test.

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